We claim ourselves as one of the Air conditioners and Air conditioning systems expertises. Our products are supplied under our own Setpoint  Brand and some of the OEM Brand in Asia,Europe,USA & Canada Please look thru our products and pick the ones that suit your interest, or contact us if your enquiries are beyond standard products.

Setpoint (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.  was found in 1995 by a group of Thai engineers with more than 20 years of individual experiences in the filed of Air conditioning, from designing stage up until end products stage with services and mainternance awareness on every product designed.

With these strength we are trusted by many OEM customers especially in Europe,USA and Canada to design and supply variety of customised Air conditioning products

The definition of customised air conditioners for OEM customers means the products which designing and producing in house are too costly because

  1. Specific application
  2. Low volume
  3. Complicated in either refrigeration or electrical control circuits

We put our expertises not only to customised design products but to all our standard ranges of products for example

  • Split ducted for all kinds of applications, eg.
    1. Commercial
    2. Industrial
  • Closed control
  • Clean room ; Pharmaceutical , Operating room and Electronic industries
  • Etc
    • Package Aircooled A/C units
    • Package Watercooled A/C units
    • Package Aircooled (Brine) Chiller units
    • Package Watercooled (Brine) Chiller units
    • Hydronic indoor units
      • Floor /Ceiling A/C units
      • Wall mounted
      • Cassette type
      • Ducted FCU & AHU with
    • Single skin cabinet
    • Double skin cabinet
    • VRF

All these products are devided by mode , refrigerant type & ambient temp

Mode: Cooling only, Heat pump
Refrigerant: R22 , R407C , R134a , & R410A , etc.
Ambient Temp: 35 oC & 45 oC – 48 oC

Further than that if you have a space constraint we can design the units at the required capacity while to fit the available space , Besides human comfort and process cooling we also have specific Product  for specific application, such as

  • For Aggiculture like Grain Cooler unit to preserve grain
  • For Sorter machine rooms in rice mill industry
  • For Electrical control room

Our mission is not only to offer the products that suit the enquiries but they must facilitate the Servicing and maintenance. This is our Promising